ETHOS Transactions

ETHOS Transactions package offers

POS and cash management

The system has an easy to use touch screen POS Interface where jewellers can manage their day to day transactions. Create and search for customers, sales, credits, quotations, work orders and valuations. Quickly and easily perform your cash up and have it automatically appear on the bank reconciliation screen of your accounting module.

Customer and Supplier management

With high value items moving in and out of the business on a daily basis, every jeweller understands the challenge of managing cash flow. See at a glance which customers need to be followed up for payment and which suppliers have to be paid over the next 6 months. Print statements and send them directly by email to improve your cash flow.


Sales Tax Invoice, Sales Tax Credit, Sales Appro Invoice, Sales Appro Credit, Sales Order, Sales Quotation, Valuation


Purchase Tax Invoice, Purchase Tax Credit, Purchase Appro Invoice, Purchase Appro Credit, Purchase Order, Purchase Quotation

Stock Adjustment

Stock Transfer

Stock Opening Balance

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