JZ Ringwrap (Rat-tail) Jewellery Labels

JZ Ring-wrap (Rat-tail)

50 micron thick material offering superior resistance to skin oil, ultra-sonic cleansing
and will not peel or fade under intense heat of cabinet lighting. Glue-free area on tail.

Ring-wrap or Combination Jewellery Labels: We can make these jewellery labels in a choice of colours in white, silver and gold. Please check the description for each design for more information. Ring wrap and combination labels are for the labelling of rings and other items of jewellery. All labels can be printed or written on.

To be used on Thermal Transfer printers together with an approved resin ink ribbon.

Can be used for Eltron TLP28xx, TLP38xx, Zebra GK420t, GK430t, Zebra ZD series, TSC TTPxx, Godex GE3xx, G3xx printers

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