How To Display Your Jewellery

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December 20, 2019
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how to display jewellery

Jewellery deserves to be displayed beautifully whether you are selling it at a craft fair or in a store on the high street. As it is an exclusive and in many cases an expensive product, presentation is a crucial part of selling jewellery. Each individual piece needs to be complimented with an elegant and attractive display.

To draw customers in, everything from the lighting to the labelling needs to be taken into consideration. Before deciding how to display your jewellery, check out our top tips and creative ideas below.


5 Top Tips For Displaying Jewellery



Consider the lighting


You can use lamps, spotlights or hanging lights to add an extra shine to your jewellery display. If you are at an event outdoors, for example at a christmas market, this is even more important to ensure your display stands out. Also, you can illuminate your show-stopping pieces by positioning these under a spotlight, to make them the area of focus.


Don’t overcrowd the space


When it comes to displaying jewellery, less is more. Each piece is special and unique, so make sure to keep enough space between items so that they can shine in their own right. To make the most of the space, consider using different heights to create an interesting look. For example, you could use mannequin busts to display necklaces, and hand molds for bracelets.


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Price your items clearly & elegantly


Displaying your prices is an important aspect to consider. Customers will of course be interested in the price, which will be a crucial factor in them buying the item or not. You can use specially designed, elegant GEMtags jewellery labels to show your prices in a way that does not take away from the beauty of the items themselves. These work with thermal transfer printers, or you can handwrite on them if you prefer.


Group together complimentary items


Group together items that can be worn together, such as a necklace with a matching or coordinating set of earrings or bracelet. Many customers have a particular favourite colour or shade of jewellery, so if these items are all in one place, they will be instantly drawn to that area.


Know your customers


In order to be successful selling jewellery, you need to know your customers and cater to their lifestyles, tastes and desires. This will impact the layout of your store, your level of customer service and the display of your jewellery items. Take a look at your close competitors as well, to see what they are doing that you could take ideas from.



GEMtags Jewellery Labelling Solutions


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